2015 BarbieCollector.com Barbie Fan Club FAQs


What is the BarbieCollector.com Barbie Fan Club?

The Barbie Fan Club (BFC) has a limited membership (8,000 members for 2015) with an annual fee for current BarbieCollector.com registered members. For a membership fee of $24.95 (plus any applicable sales tax), Barbie Fan Club members will enjoy several premium features through December 31, 2015 (or the launch date of the 2016 Club, whichever occurs first) including:

  • Up to $80 in total Club shop rewards that you can use in the TheBarbieCollector.com Shop* ($20 per calendar quarter)
  • Access to the Barbie Bulletin Board, which as of February 2005 has been entirely dedicated/or exclusive only to Club members to help foster a greater sense of community among Club members. Bulletin Board access includes:
    1. Sneak peeks at upcoming dolls, accessories, and lifestyle items
    2. Ask Barbie Collector Forum, for direct access to people at Mattel for questions concerning the Barbie® Collector line
    3. Quarterly “Designer Videos” featuring exclusive content from Barbie Collector designers
    4. Doll customization resources, OOAK tips ‘n tricks, and more!
  • The opportunity to purchase four (4) Club-exclusive dolls, as announced** (doll purchase is NOT a requirement of membership)
  • Access to members-only content on BarbieCollector.com, with exclusive content throughout the Club year, plus designer interviews, exclusive avatars and wallpapers, years of archived content, and more
  • Exclusive 2015 BFC membership gift*** – a Barbie Fan Club Sunglasses Case ($10 retail value)

Do I have to register with BarbieCollector.com in order to become a Club member?
Yes. Barbie Fan Club membership is only available to registered members of the BarbieCollector.com web site. Becoming a BarbieCollector.com registered member is free and simply requires that you agree to the posted terms and conditions and provide a valid e-mail address when registering. Former members of the 2014 Barbie Fan Club who already have access to the Barbie Bulletin Board are already registered members and do not need to register again. Click here to register if you are not already registered.

If I choose not to join the Barbie Fan Club, do I still need to become a BarbieCollector.com registered member?
You don’t have to become a registered member. However, becoming a BarbieCollector.com registered member is FREE. If you don’t register, you won’t be notified about new content, upcoming promotions and special offers. Click here to register.

Can international collectors join the club?
Yes, international collectors can join the Barbie Fan Club. However, you will need to provide a U.S. or Canadian shipping address as we can only ship to the U.S. and Canada. Mattel cannot ship products overseas. We’ve updated the BarbieCollector.com Shop to enable it to accept international credit cards. If you can find a friend or family member who will let you use their U.S. or Canadian shipping address, and your friend or family member is willing to ship you your club merchandise at their own expense, you can join the Barbie Fan Club and will be entitled to all the benefits included with membership.

Who is eligible to join the Club?
You are eligible to join the club if you are at least 18 years on the date that you purchase your membership and have a valid credit card. (Sorry, no checks or money orders will be accepted). Membership in the Club is offered worldwide, except that you are ineligible if you are a resident of Cuba, Iran, North Korea or Sudan. You should also note that we only ship physical items to addresses within one of the 50 United States, the District of Columbia, and territories of the United States or Canada (an "Eligible Shipping Address"). However, you may at your own cost and risk engage a third-party shipper located at an Eligible Shipping Address to receive and forward physical items shipped by us. Please note Canadian customers are responsible for any applicable taxes and duties on purchases shipped to Canada.

If I’m an international collector. What name, address, and billing information should I use when joining the club?
When you join the club, you will want to register using your name and credit card information. However, when entering your shipping address during the checkout process on BarbieCollector.com, you should include your name on the “Ship To:” box, and then on the “In Care Of” line, include the name of the friend/family member/freight forwarder who will ship your dolls to you. Then include that person’s U.S. or Canadian address. Please note: Mattel is only responsible for shipping to U.S. or Canadian addresses. It’s up to you to make arrangements for the additional shipping required, and you assume all risk of loss for such additional shipping. You will be responsible for all additional shipping fees. You’ll only be charged U.S. and/or Canadian shipping fees by Mattel.

How do I join the Club?
In order to join the Club you must first become a registered member of BarbieCollector.com. This membership is offered completely free and simply requires that you agree to the posted terms and conditions and provide a valid e-mail address when signing up. Click here to register. Once you have an active username and password from BarbieCollector.com, you can sign in and then purchase your Barbie Fan Club membership from the BarbieCollector.com Shop. You must comply with all of the additional registration requirements to purchase your membership in the Club, including providing an Eligible Shipping Address and other contact information.

When will the club launch?
The 2015 Club membership is planned to go on sale in the BarbieCollector.com Shop on January 7, 2015 at 9 a.m. Pacific Time for 2014 Club members wishing to renew their membership. Any remaining memberships will be made available to BarbieCollector.com registered members on January 14, 2015, at 9 a.m. Pacific Time.

When will I receive my membership card?
As soon as you purchase your Barbie Fan Club membership you will be granted access to the members-only areas of the BarbieCollector.com website. At that time your credit card will be billed (as the service you paid for has been delivered). Your membership card will be shipped to you as soon as possible, most likely within two weeks.

Can I purchase more than one membership?
Membership is limited to one per person and not more than two per household. You are expressly prohibited from becoming a member under more than one name or at more than one address. If we determine or suspect, in our sole discretion, that you have exceeded these limitations, we may, among other things, terminate your membership, without refund, reimbursement, or credit of your Membership Fee. If you plan on purchasing more than one for other members in your household, you must register on BarbieCollector.com using a separate email address and unique username.

Is there an exclusive Club doll this year?
There are four (4) dolls which only active BFC members will have the opportunity to purchase from Barbie Collector. NONE of these dolls are included with your membership fee, and you are not required to purchase any of them when you join the BFC. We removed the purchase requirement because we know that collecting is a very personal hobby, and that some members may want to purchase other dolls vs. getting a specific doll or dolls with their membership. Dolls offered for purchase will be subject to limited availability and valid while supplies last. See details announced with each individual doll release.

I’ve seen other websites pre-selling dolls that Mattel says are Club exclusive dolls. Does this mean these dolls aren’t really Club exclusive?
Club-exclusive dolls will only be sold by Mattel through the Barbie Fan Club. If other sites are promoting or pre-selling Club exclusive dolls, their access will be the same as everyone else - subject to quantity limitations per household, and on a first-come, first-served basis once the Club launches. Please note that we have very good database systems in place to make sure that anyone trying to 'cheat' the membership limits will be caught, and their membership privileges revoked, prior to the shipment of any dolls.

What is the limit of memberships per household?
There is a limit of 2 memberships per household.

Why limit the number of memberships to 8,000 in 2015?
To enhance the sense of community within the Barbie Fan Club, to maintain our full attention on the interests of Club members, and to respect the very personal nature of collecting for the members. Limiting the number of memberships allows us to do this much more effectively - and provides a more valuable experience for each Club member.

How long will the membership be valid?
2015 Club membership expires on 12/31/15, OR on the date the 2016 Club goes on sale, whichever occurs first. Whether you purchase a membership on January 7, 2015 or later in the year (while supplies last), the membership price and the ending date of the 2015 Club membership remains the same.

What name will be printed on my BFC membership card (Billing or Shipping)?
The name associated with the SHIPPING ADDRESS will be printed on the membership card. This is very important because you will need to pay for a replacement card if you supply a name other than the one you want on the card in association with the shipping address (assuming you want a replacement card). Please make sure you specify the name you want printed on the membership card as the name associated with the shipping address. International club members will need to make sure THEIR name is in the “Name” field for the shipping address in order to ensure that their name will be printed on the membership card. The person or company that an international member uses as a freight forwarder should be listed in the “In care of” field of the shipping form.

Can I get a replacement BFC membership card?
Yes. Replacement BFC membership cards are available for a fee of $5 for each card from customer service. Collectors residing in the United States and Canada can call 1-800-491-7514 between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. Central Time to order a card. International collectors can call 608-831-5210 between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. Central Time. If you believe we made a mistake in the printing of your card, we may consider waiving the fee.

Can I order by phone or fax?
No. Only online orders will be accepted for memberships and for all of the Club-exclusive dolls. You must order via the BarbieCollector.com shop.

What if you have more members than Club exclusive dolls to sell?
Not every member will want to buy any or all Club-exclusive dolls. For example, if we have 8,000 members in 2015, and we offer fewer Club-exclusive dolls, we might still have inventory remaining after everyone who wants one buys one. With that said, membership in this Club is not a guarantee to purchase a Club-exclusive doll. You are offered the opportunity to buy the Club-exclusive dolls, which will only be made available to active Club members, while supplies last. See individual doll announcements for more information.

Can I get a refund if I am not satisfied with my membership?
No, the membership fee is non-refundable. Please make sure you are comfortable with our BFC Membership Agreement BEFORE you purchase a membership.

Can I get a replacement doll if there is something wrong with a Club-exclusive doll I purchase?
Unfortunately, no. Due to the fact that each doll is limited in number, we do not keep extra inventory to send to people who received damaged merchandise. We will, however, offer refunds (less shipping and handling) to customers who choose to return the damaged merchandise if it is received by us within 30 days of purchase. No exchanges will be made.

Can I pre-sell an item I am planning to purchase?
Absolutely not. Due to the fact that pre-sales cause confusion over the actual release date we have decided to expressly prohibit such activity. If you pre-sell an item we have the absolute right to terminate your BFC membership with no refund to you.

Can I be kicked out of the Club for any reason?
Yes. Please make sure you are comfortable with our BFC Membership Agreement BEFORE you purchase a membership and READ it so that you understand the circumstances under which your membership can be revoked. Any unauthorized use or reproduction of any materials contained on the BarbieCollector.com website or other violations of the BarbieCollector.com Member Services Agreement or the Barbie Fan Club membership agreement will be considered cause to revoke your access permanently from Barbie Fan Club member areas, and it is at the sole discretion of Mattel to revoke all access to the BarbieCollector.com site. Also, in cases of extreme or repeated misconduct (as determined solely by Mattel) all Club benefits may be revoked without refund, reimbursement, offset or credit to the Club member. The bottom line is that we expect all Club members to follow the rules.

Why do you make the Bulletin Board available to BFC members only?
One of our constant goals is to enhance the personal experience of collecting through BFC membership. One of the ways we can do this is by fostering a stronger sense of community among the members, and creating a place that belongs exclusively to them. So as of February 16th, 2005, we made the Bulletin Board available to BFC members only.

Can I post content from the Club on a bulletin board or another website?
Absolutely not. All content within the BarbieCollector.com Barbie Fan Club site, including that which appears on the Barbie Bulletin Board, is the property of Mattel, Inc. and may not for any reason be copied or retransmitted without written permission from Mattel. Please be aware that any instances of content being copied, posted, transferred or the like will result in the cancellation of your membership without any refund. We take these matters seriously as giving away content that others have paid for devalues the Barbie Fan Club membership for everyone.

I'm a member of the 2014 Club. Do I get to keep my membership number if I renew?

You said only 8,000 members can join the Club, but I have a membership number greater than 8,000. How is that possible?
The membership numbers of previous club members who do not renew are never reused. Instead, a new member will be issued the next available, previously unused membership number.

Why did you choose to sell the BFC membership at 9am Pacific Time?
We realize this time might be inconvenient for those who work during the week. However, we scheduled the membership sale for this time period because it requires a lot of staff presence in the office to manage and ensure that everything runs smoothly. We hope this will not affect your decision to join the Club.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the Barbie Fan Club! We look forward to seeing you in this exclusive, passionate doll collecting community. If you are already registered with BarbieCollector.com, click here to join the 2015 Club!  If not, register here first, then click the previous link above to join the Club.

Additional Disclaimers:
*Your first shop reward is available for use within 3-5 business days after you join the 2015 Club. The shop reward appears in your shopping cart when you log into your BFC account and add a qualifying purchase to your cart. Your purchase must total a minimum of $20, excluding any applicable sales tax and shipping and processing, and after any other applicable discount or coupon has been applied. Club shop rewards cannot be used for BFC membership fees, Gift Cards, and gift-wrapping. Not valid for previous purchases.

  • 1st reward: $20 shop reward, applied upon membership card shipment and valid through 3/31/15 at 11:59pm CT. BFC members whose cards are shipped after 3/31/15 are not eligible for this reward.
  • 2nd reward: $20 shop reward, applied starting 4/1/15 (or upon membership card shipment if not previously a BFC member) and valid through 6/30/15 at 11:59pm CT. BFC members whose cards are shipped after 6/30/15 are not eligible for this reward.
  • 3rd reward: $20 shop reward, applied starting 7/1/15 (or upon membership card shipment if not previously a BFC member) and valid through 9/30/15 at 11:59pm CT. BFC members whose cards are shipped after 9/30/15 are not eligible for this reward.
  • 4th reward: $20 shop reward, applied starting 10/1/15 (or upon membership card shipment if not previously a BFC member) and valid through 12/31/15 at 11:59pm CT. BFC members whose cards are shipped after 12/20/15 are not eligible for this reward.

**The club dolls are not included with purchase of membership.

***Recieve a free gift when you sign up by 3/31/15.

©2005-2015 Mattel, Inc. All Rights Reserved

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