Collector Terminology


All Original. This phrase is often used at online auctions and other doll web sites to describe a particular doll.

Hard to find. Common abbreviation used at online auctions and other doll web sites.

Mint In Box (factory mint-condition doll in original box).

Mint in Package. Similar to MIB. Denotes that all accessories are still in their original packaging.

Mint No Box (pristine-condition doll, no box).

Near mint. Interchangeable with "excellent" when describing a doll's condition.

Never Removed From Box.

Original Swim Suit.

Barbie® Doll Identifiers/Descriptors

#1 Ponytail
'59 original Barbie®, white irises, blue liner, holes in feet, body material whitens with age.

#2 Ponytail
'59, same as original Barbie®, but no holes in feet.

#3 Ponytail
'60, blue irises, more gently curved eyebrows.

#4 Ponytail
'60, new vinyl used for body that retains its color over time.

#5 Ponytail
'61, new hair texture, hollow body that's lighter in weight.

Twist 'N Turn® Waist
A moveable waist common to Barbie® dolls of the mid-1960s and beyond. Some Barbie® dolls have a variation of this waist.

Doll Value

Book Value
Pricing Guide value of a particular doll. This is not necessarily the amount you can get selling it on the secondary market. Value may vary from guide to guide.

Market Value
Actual price you can expect to sell a particular doll for. Prices vary over time and due to a number of other factors. See online auction sites for market values.

Barbie® Collector Exclusives, Editions and Collections

BarbieSM Fan Club Exclusive
Barbie® dolls sold by Mattel through the online shop, and available only to members of the BarbieSM Fan Club.

Black Label Collection
Black Label Collection includes some of Barbie® Collector's most sensational dolls designed for the adult collector. **

Direct Exclusive
Barbie® dolls sold in the United States by Mattel through the Barbie® Collector mail catalog or the online shop only. (This exclusive policy applies to the United States only. Dolls may be sold to retail customers outside the United States.)

Gold Label Collection
Gold Label Collection dolls are produced in numbered editions of 10,000 worldwide or less, available at select retailers.**

Hard to Find
Hard To Find items are currently available in the U.S. only from Barbie® Collector catalog, online at and select retailer(s).

Online Exclusive
Barbie® dolls sold by Mattel through the online shop only.

Pink Label Collection
Pink Label Collection includes some of Barbie® Collector’s most beloved keepsake dolls, serve as an invitation to collecting, and are available where Barbie® dolls are sold. Pink Label dolls do not have a quota limit. **

Platinum Label Collection
Platinum Label Collection dolls are sequentially numbered editions of less than 1,000 worldwide, available at select retailers.**

Silver Label Collection
Silver Label Collection are produced in numbered editions of 25,000 worldwide or less, available at select retailers.**

Timeless Treasures
Celebrity (Elizabeth Taylor, Elvis, etc.) and/or character (Lucille Ball as Lucy Ricardo) collectible dolls.

Doll Category

Modern Barbie®
All Barbie® dolls produced beginning in 1972. (An "accepted" date among many collectors for the beginning of the Modern Barbie® era.)

Vintage Barbie®
All Barbie® dolls produced before 1972.

Other Terms

C Grading System
A system used by some collectors to rate the condition of your dolls. Designations are C-1 through C-10. C-1 is the poorest possible condition. C-10 is factory mint and NRFB (never removed from box).

Customized Dolls
Dolls created originally for a specific store, catalog or company. Most dolls in the Barbie® Collector line also include a doll stand and a Certificate of Authenticity and come in showcase packaging.

Mint & Complete
Pristine outfit and all accessories in mint condition.

Secondary Market
Those other than Mattel who buy and sell Barbie® dolls

Mattel does not guarantee that any doll will increase in value. Some dolls increase in value, some decrease and some remain the same.

*beginning in 2000
**part of the tier structure, updated in 2015

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