October 1, 2011

2011 Holiday Barbie Doll, the Gift That Keeps Giving!

The design team at Barbie® Collector continues a great tradition with the festive and fashion-forward 2011 Holiday Barbie doll! The first holiday doll debuted in 1988 and was an instant hit with collectors worldwide.

Ever since, the holiday dolls have come to symbolize the joy-filled spirit of the season with colorful costumes, hair and makeup styles that reflect the trends of the day. Holiday Barbie tops the list as the gift everyone loves to receive this time of year due to the superior level of craftsmanship.

Barbie has always paved the way when it comes to style trends, and the latest holiday doll ups the ante — a sensational merger of modern couture and wintry pizzazz created by the one and only Robert Best! Reaching new heights of glamour and sophistication, Barbie wears a brilliant gold and green gown that’s a marvel to behold.

Like the very best of designs, the subtlety of the elegant gown’s construction belies the intricacy that went into its creation. An off-the-shoulder forest green sash drapes across the strapless bodice and emerges from the back to create the stunning train and overskirt. Embroidered in white-golden thread, the overskirt decoratively falls, in double-tiered waves, over the golden lamé floor-length pencil skirt, creating a bold interplay.

Barbie doll’s dramatic look for the holiday soiree is accessorized with trendy golden chandelier earrings, and her lips and nails are painted bright cherry-red — a classic look for the winter months.

The holidays are a time to reflect on the passing year and — more importantly — to celebrate family and friends as we usher in an exciting New Year. This year’s special Holiday Barbie serves as a great reminder to spread good cheer, and fortunately, she’s only a click away at the Barbie® Collector online store!

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