February 22, 2013

A Ticket to Adventure With Barbie® … No Packing Required!

By Tara Zucker

I love new experiences. In the past year alone, I’ve ruled a race of aliens from beyond the farthest galaxy, performed a passionate ballroom routine, and proudly represented District 12 with my archery skills. Oh, and I also became a vampire! What can I say? It’s been a busy year, and with Africa calling to me now, I’ll be globetrotting again before long.

Although my passport may not reflect it, I’ve also traveled extensively. I went to India I danced a Bollywood routine), France (ate croissants twice a day and didn’t gain an ounce), and Russia (rode the Trans-Siberian Railway). The one consistent element in all of my adventures is incredible fashion, and I never have any problem at all fitting everything in my suitcase.

Of course, these journeys were all courtesy of amazing Barbie® dolls that unleashed my imagination.

They inspired me to dream, to indulge my fantasies, and sometimes, to look things up on Wikipedia. What exactly does La Belle Époque mean? (The Golden Age.) Where does the Flamenco dance come from? (Andalusia.)

And now, I’m about to set off on another amazing adventure, courtesy of the African-inspired Tribal Beauty Barbie® Doll. She’s the first of the new Global Glamour Collection, which embodies the idea of a faraway exotic destination. (They had me at “faraway.”) She doesn’t represent one particular area in Africa (which Wikipedia tells me is comprised of 54 sovereign countries). Instead, she features elements inspired by African textiles and culture, resulting in a unique and highly fashionable doll.

And fashion is the key word here. From the top of her headpiece to the tip of her platform sandal, this is one seriously stylish stunner. These days some consider it a fashion “don’t” to match your shoes and your purse, but no one said anything about pairing Zebra sandals with a zebra scepter. Call her matchy-matchy at your own peril, but I’m certainly not going to argue with this fabulous fashionista! In fact, I’m already gone, travel journal in hand, listening to those cool night breezes rustle the long grass of the Serengeti…

Are you in? Do you have an adventure or fantasy journey inspired by a certain Barbie doll? Let’s hear it!


Tara Zucker's humor about collectibles, fashion, and home decor have been featured on a variety of online portals. She also creates content for clients ranging from rock bands to authors at Post Haste Media. "Growing up, I always had some off-brand fashion doll. Now that I write about the real thing, I've proved it's never too late to have a happy childhood!"

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