January 13, 2011

Attention Philadelphia Area Collectors!

Calling all Philly Collectors!

Do you live in the City of Brotherly Love? Want to let us know what you really think about the site?

BarbieCollector.com is doing usability testing for the all new Barbiecollector.com website in the Philadelphia area later this month!

If you're local and vocal, we'd love your thoughts, so we can deliver a better shopping experience! Look for an email invitation from us soon - rest assured it will be 100% legitimate and authorized by BarbieCollector.com.

If you don’t wish to participate, you won't need to take any action. There’s no obligation to reply.

We are very excited about the new website, and can't wait to hear the feedback. Tell us what you think, Philly!

Comments: @data.getNbrComments-bc_17302@0


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