January 18, 2013

Barbie®, a Bathing Beauty!

By Chris Varaste

This is the time of year when I start fantasizing about lounging about somewhere tropical, preferably poolside! Some sunblock and a pitcher of lemonade and I’m good to go! I imagine Barbie® is also due for some serious R & R — it’s definitely vacay time, especially after her exciting 2012 presidential campaign. All she has to do is pick the perfect paradise.

Barbie First Swimsuit

Browsing through brochures reveals this year’s hottest “hot” spots include Cabo, Cancun and Puerto Vallarta. All three locales offer miles of white beaches and luxury accommodations, plus exquisite, ultra-modern infinity pools! When the sun sets, a fun party atmosphere takes over, but for most vacationers, the top priority remains chilling out by the pool, in the lap of all that luxury!

Barbie Twist Turn Swimsuit

After deciding on a sun-drenched destination, Barbie, the style icon, can finally focus on the fab fashion factor: Her poolside ensemble. Decisions, decisions! Because Barbie rose to fame in an iconic black-and-white swimsuit, her look is synonymous with eye-catching swimwear. So whether she’s hosting a poolside barbeque in Malibu or attending a resort fashion show in Palm Beach, her outfit simply must scream “Barbie” before she even slips it on!

Thankfully, designer Bill Greening understands how vital swimwear fashion is to Barbie doll’s world — not only elegant and innovative, but also fresh. Therefore, as part of The Barbie® Look Collection, the talented designer includes a special Poolside Barbie® Fashion, and the splashy ensemble is perfect for the world's most popular bathing beauty! It’s quintessentially fabulous, effortlessly glamorous and, best of all, so Barbie. The look consists of a silky pale-blue bikini and bright, multicolored sheer cover-up, accessorized with a palm-frond fan, chic amber sunglasses, slip-on heels and a fruit-and-cheese plate, along with a menu! Now Barbie can soak up the rays, decked out from head to toe in fashionable style!

Over the years, Barbie doll has had countless “sunsational” swimsuits. If you had to pick one, which would be your absolute fave?

Chris Varaste started out at ABC-TV, producing segments for the Emmys, Tonys & Grammys. A fascination with fashion and pop culture led to his first published book, Barbie: Face of the American Dream – and an appreciation for all things Barbie! His insights on collectibles/brand success have been published in the New York Times, The Economist, and Spotlight Cinema Networks.

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