May 26, 2011

Barbie® Brought It, Russian Style

Wrapping Up the 2011 Barbie® Fashion Model Collection

by Tara Zucker

When I think of Russia, I think of many things - majestic snow-covered landscapes, great works of literature, and a culture rich with tradition. But mostly I think about fabulous hats and boots. And spies. And that is why I'm so drawn to the 2011 Barbie® Fashion Model Collection.

Just look at Verushka. That's exactly how I would dress if I were a spy. OMG, that hat? (It's called an ushanka.) It's the perfect place to hide secret documents, much better than stuffing them inside your coat, which can stretch out the lining and make you look bulky. Believe me, no one likes a bulky spy. It's all about sleek lines and sexy boots.

Speaking of which, check out the Nicolai Ken Doll. Not many men can get away with knee-high black boots and a tall fur hat, but he totally makes it work. Also, notice how he's so busy writing romantic poems that he can't even find time to shave? Very romantic!

He's probably writing to Mila, the beautiful young woman he left behind in Zagorsk when he went into the military. She's kicking it old school with her traditional babushka (the headscarf, not the video Babooshka from the 80's, where Kate Bush danced around in a black bodysuit.)

Ekaterina and BFF Darya both wear absolutely killer boots, which they probably picked up at GUM department store. This prominent shopping emporium is located at the famous Red Square, which is the center of Moscow and the site of many significant events in Russian history, including coronations of the Tsar, parades, and government ceremonies. But the main thing is, it's also a huge mall, making this important landmark a "must see" for any history buff/fashionista.

It's all about the hats and boots, people.

What do you think of the Russian collection? Suitable for spying or just fabulous fashion?

Tara Zucker's humor about collectibles, fashion, and home decor have been featured on a variety of online portals. She also creates content for clients ranging from rock bands to authors at Post Haste Media. "Growing up, I always had some off-brand fashion doll. Now that I write about the real thing, I've proved it's never too late to have a happy childhood!"

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