October 1, 2013

I’ll Get You, My Pretty: Barbie ® Collector’s The Wizard Of Oz Anniversary Celebration!

It's hard to believe 75 years have passed since The Wizard of Oz premiered at Grauman's Chinese Theatre! Decades later, Dorothy's adventures somewhere over the rainbow continue to delight audiences worldwide.

Not only is The Wizard of Oz back on the big screen for the first time as An IMAX 3-D Experience®, but Dorothy Gale also returns in all her fabulous 3-D glory as The Wizard of Oz Fantasy Glamour Dorothy Doll! In addition, Barbie® Collector is celebrating the iconic film with an exclusive 75th Anniversary Wizard of Oz Doll Collection!

The 1939 film took advantage of the period’s new Technicolor technology with colorful costumes and makeup, which are perfectly reproduced for this special edition gold and diamond Wizard of Oz Collection. Now, collectors can rejoice because  the dolls are sculpted in vinyl to look like the film’s stars!

Fans adore Judy Garland’s wide-eyed and innocent portrayal of Dorothy. And who can forget Billie Burke’s memorable performance as the serene and graceful Glinda the Good Witch? There’s also Margaret Hamilton’s star turn as Dorothy’s nemesis, the delightfully evil Wicked Witch of the West! Character-defining accessories include Glinda’s wand, the Witch’s broom, and of course, there’s Toto, too!

Watch out Emerald City, there’s a new Dorothy setting foot on the yellow-brick road — and she’s spectacular! Fantasy has always been an integral part of the mythic Land of Oz, and the gorgeous The Wizard of Oz Fantasy Glamour Dorothy taps into that magical realm.

Inspired by the fantastical elements of L. Frank Baum’s cherished story, the glamorous doll is a modern update that recalls Dorothy’s original costume from the film.

The iconic gingham dress has transformed into an extravagant tulle and sequined gown with structural folds that create a swirling effect. Her entire ensemble appears as if it's in motion — reminiscent of the twister that transported Dorothy from Kansas to Oz!

The Wizard of Oz Fantasy Glamour Dorothy doll uses the Lara face sculpt with face paint that reflects our plucky heroine’s sense of wonder with bright blue eyes and a sweet smile. Chandelier earrings lend extra sparkle to her glossy brunette tresses, swept off her forehead and adorned with braids!

Naturally, both The Wizard of Oz Fantasy Glamour Dorothy and The Wizard of Oz Dorothy dolls come wearing those desirable ruby slippers, but you don’t have to click your heels to bring them home — all four dolls are a click away at the Barbie Collector online shop!

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