May 2, 2013

Barbie Cruise and Dreamhouse Experiences, Digital Makeup Mirror Grabbing Attention

Cruises, Dreamhouses, and Digital Makeover Mirrors! Those are the fresh topics in this installment of Hot Off the Barbie Press. See who’s talking about Barbie now!

Royal Caribbean Promotes Barbie Experience with New Video
Theresa Norton Masek,, 3/26/13
“Think the world’s most popular doll will attract families to cruising? Royal Caribbean International does. Its onboard experiences with Mattel’s Barbie, available fleetwide as of this month, is promoted in a new two-minute video…”

Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror Is Makeup Play Without the Mess
Dierdre Haggerty,, 4/3/13
“Introduced at the 110th American International Toy Fair in New York back in February,” the article begins, “Mattel has once again found a way to entice little hands into the world of beauty combining innovative technology with the classic Barbie name.”

Exhibit Allows Fans to Step Inside Barbie Doll’s Dreamhouse
Nancy Lombardi,, 4/5/13
It took 20 pounds of glitter, 100 gallons of pink paint, and a year in the making so fans of Barbie doll’s Dreamhouse can step inside for the ultimate Barbie experience…

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