November 17, 2010

Barbie: A Rare Beauty by Sandi Holder Debuts

There have been a lot of books written about Barbie®. And we've loved them all! But there's a brand-new book about Barbie that’s got our attention these days. And not just because it's written by one of our fave Barbie friends.

Barbie: A Rare Beauty by Sandi Holder showcases photos of some rarely seen dolls and other Barbie items that Sandi has had the good fortune of seeing for herself through her Doll Attic shop and museum.

During the past two decades, some of the rarest Barbie dolls and accessories have found their way into Sandi’s shop. She’s had the privilege of selling or auctioning one-of-a-kind items, Japanese fashions, store exclusives, and items SHE didn’t know existed until she held them in her hands.

Sandi Holder

Some of the rare beauties included in the book are a rare Barbie® and Ken® Dressed Doll Assortment store display (#909) from 1963, a near-mint, incredibly rare Japanese version of the classic 1960’s Let’s Dance dress that sold at auction for $5,000, and a #6 Lemon Blond Ponytail Japanese Dressed Box Barbie® doll wearing a Resort Set (#963) fashion outfit.

We recently caught up with Sandi and got the inside scoop on the book and her love for Barbie. Click here to listen in on all the doll dish! Barbie: A Rare Beauty by Sandi Holder is available in online shop beginning November 11.

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