March 20, 2014

What Would Barbie® Doll’s Résumé Look Like?

After holding down 150 jobs over her 55-year career, what do you think Barbie® doll’s résumé looks like? Wonder no more, as Barbie® herself put together a career-spanning guide for

What A Barbie Doll’s Resume Looks Like After 55 Years
Barbie,, 2/14/14
“All 150 careers finally on paper. And what’s to learn from a fabulously long resume? Your possibilities are endless! Be unapologetic and become whatever you truly want to be!”

Barbie® on BuzzFeed
Various contributors and dates,
Did you know? Barbie® has her own page on BuzzFeed! Find out which Barbie® doll you are, discover life lessons learned from Barbie® dolls, and more!

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