August 30, 2012

Barbie Styled by Tim Gunn, Hot Off the Barbie Press

Nice guys finish first! The sartorial sage of Project Runway is making news in the fashion world again, this time with his brand collaboration, Barbie® Styled by Tim Gunn Doll Collection. Check out some of the attention they’ve received in a special edition of Hot Off the Barbie Press!

Project Runway Mentor Tim Gunn
Live! With Kelly, 8/20/12
Tim dropped in for a chat with Kelly Ripa and co-host Nick Lachey, and talked about the new Barbie dolls and accessories, too. According to, “Tim recently had the opportunity to make a dream come true. He designed fashions for Mattel Barbie dolls, featuring ‘my 10 essential items that I believe should be in every woman’s wardrobe.’”

While You Were Sleeping
Harper’s Bazaar, 8/7/12
The Barbie Styled by Tim Gunn dolls and accessories were mentioned as part of the day’s Bazaar Report.

Tim Gunn and Barbie Make a Beautiful Pair, 8/8/12
“Barbie has never looked so good!” That kicks off a quick feature about the dolls and accessories on the Perez Hilton site where celebrity meets fashion.

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