June 12, 2013

Barbie Trivia and a Manhattan Dreamhouse Design in Hot Off the Barbie Press

From Manhattan to Florida, with a stop for nostalgia in between, kick off your summer with this edition of Hot Off the Barbie Press!

Barbie Eyeing a Manhattan Penthouse in Search for New Dream Home
Natalie O’Neill, NY Post, 5/21/13
“Move over, Malibu — Barbie’s hunting for a dream house in Manhattan! Barbie is moving from her California mansion and embarking on a quest for new digs that could land her in a posh penthouse with Central Park views, makers of the doll say…”

18 Surprising Things You Don’t Know About Barbie
Brian Galindo, BuzzFeed, 5/20/13
Test your knowledge…how many of these tidbits did you already know?

Barbie Gets Life-size Dreamhouse in Florida
Staff reports, Washington Post, 5/20/13
“Barbie is no longer a California girl. The hugely popular doll has moved to Florida and is inviting people to step into her life-size dream house, the first one to open worldwide…”

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