May 16, 2013

Bill Greening Looks Back at Three Cosmically Glam Creations!

Three years, three stunning interstellar dolls! With the release of his final futuristic vision, Queen of the Constellations Barbie® Doll, Designer Bill Greening took some time out to reflect on his wildly popular creations.

Barbie Collector: What's it like for you to have all three dolls completed? Including all the production work, this is about a five-year arc for you, right?

Bill Greening: It feels great to have brought this concept to life and see the series conclude with the Queen. I’m surprised how many Barbie collectors are huge sci-fi fans too. I like it when I see other websites and blogs, not doll-related, blogging about the dolls too. The series really blew people away. No one expected Barbie to ever look like this!

Did you have all three dolls conceptualized from the very beginning, or did you take them on one at a time?

I really took them one at a time. I wasn’t sure it was going to turn into a series at first. But Goddess of the Galaxy Barbie® Doll received such positive feedback from collectors. It was like no other Barbie they had seen before, so it made sense to keep going. That’s when the idea for a classic sci-fi trilogy came to mind, to represent three key characters in any sci-fi movie: the hero, the alien, and the villain.

Speaking of sci-fi movies, what are some of your favorites?

OMG, too many to list! Star Wars, Star Trek, Blade Runner, The Fifth Element, and the Alien series all come to mind.

Is there a moment in the process - somewhere in between the initial design sketches and the production of the final doll - where you just feel like the doll takes on a life of its own? If so, what was that moment for Queen of the Constellations?

The idea really started with the general concept and rough sketch. I worked very close with my development team on the design of the armor, fashion and fabrics, the face design, and look of the hair. The doll definitely evolved along the way.

If you had to pick your favorite details about the Queen of the Constellations, what would they be?

I love her red and black hair - two colors that say “Evil!” The ribbed breastplate is very cool and she has some awesome high heels under that long gown. I love her black and gold color scheme - a nice contrast to our hero Goddess of the Galaxy. It was also my first time working with the Mermaid face sculpt. I think it really captured a sinister beauty of this doll.

What doll design worlds are you looking to conquer in the near future?

I’m still very excited to continue the Haunted Beauty series, and we have a new series planned to replace the sci-fi themed dolls. I’m very eager to start the design for the first doll!

Any final thoughts for collectors as you wrap up this series with Queen of the Constellations Barbie® Doll?

I hope collectors truly enjoyed the series, whether you bought all three or just picked your favorite doll. I think each is unique individually, or as a mini sci-fi collection on your Barbie shelf. Barbie is a fashion doll like no other. She’s truly out of this world!

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