September 3, 2013

A Brilliant Creation: The Blonds Blond Gold Barbie® Doll!

Gilded from head to toe in gold tones, The Blonds Blond Gold Barbie® Doll is the very definition of epic! According to Barbie doll’s dazzling designers, Phillipe and David Blond, Blond Gold Barbie draws inspiration from Greek mythology.

The Blonds are famous for their gorgeous corsetry, and Blond Gold Barbie dazzles wearing an intricate gold-toned corset.  The mesh and chain-link corset is an incredible feat of construction, dissolving into glittering strands of gold!

For their design, they referenced Andromeda, the infamous Greek beauty chained to a rock and rescued by the handsome demigod Perseus. Blond Gold Barbie Doll updates the Greek mythos with a stunning ensemble worthy of a modern-day goddess!

Amazingly, the complex design appears light and effortless, complemented by spectacular accessories — metallic armlets and gold stiletto pumps, along with a fierce gold-toned claw ring! A shimmering cape polishes off the lustrous creation.

To emphasize Barbie doll’s status as a symbol of 21st century beauty, the Blonds worked with intensely dramatic face paint. Her mauve lips sparkle with gold dust, and deep rouge brightens her cheeks. Gold shadow gleams from her eyelids, highlighted with a sweep of extra-long rooted black lashes. Barbie doll’s long, dual-shaded blond hair also benefits from the ultra-glam factor — ample platinum waves tumble over brilliant gold locks.

The Blonds Blond Gold Barbie® Doll revitalizes the gorgeous Lara face sculpt, framed by chain-link earrings that match her fabulous corset. For the first time, the Tropic Tan ModelMuse body sculpt features a striking stance with new arms and a tilted left leg. The Blonds have also included a golden brick platform for Barbie to stand on — reminiscent of the goddess Andromeda’s rocky perch!

An otherworldly supernova that harkens back to Greek mythology, The Blonds Blond Gold Barbie® Doll is the newest star in the constellations! As precious as gold, this collectible treasure is ready to illuminate your world — and she’s only a click away in the online shop.

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