May 20, 2010

Celebrate 10 Years of Fashion Fabulous

“From the start, this collection has always represented how Barbie® doll is transformed by the power of fashion — whether the subject is a 40s siren singing in a cabaret or a model on the streets of Paris.” — Robert Best

Just 10 short years ago, Mattel designer Robert Best conceived a BIG idea.

Inspired by the great fashion houses of the world, Robert wanted to create a line of dolls using fine fabrics, classic lines, and feminine details with a touch of whimsy. He also wanted to combine the best of 2 worlds — a vintage Barbie® face from the late 50’s and early 60’s with a modern, high fashion look. And so he set to work bringing his vision to life.

The results? A Collection that’s caused Oohs! and Ahhs! since its debut in 2000.

Signature attributes of the collection include using a brand new body sculpt called Silkstone® that resembles the look and weight of porcelain, and featuring delicate facial features and elegantly posed bodies.

Let’s not forget about the fashion.

Oh, the fashion!

With each new fashion that graces a doll in this collection, Robert celebrates the essence of haute couture with intricately crafted and beautifully tailored clothing, richly designed jewelry and highly detailed accessories.

Fashion Model Beginnings…

Designer Robert BestWhenever creating a new doll, Robert drafts a rough concept sketch, drawing inspiration from fashion, film, and life experience. With a team of sample makers, he begins drawing up patterns to create a physical sample.

Based off the conceptualized sketch, Robert identifies the appropriate fabrics and works with a team of visual designers to create specialized prints in doll scale. In tandem, the visual designers translate the accessories from Robert’s sketch into 3D models.

Next, Robert and his team of sample makers create a muslin to test the fit of the garment, using substitute fabrics before cutting the intended fabric. Once the correct fit and style lines have been identified, the team will create a doll prototype wearing the final fabric with accessories added.

That Personal Touch…

As the designer, Robert is responsible for the look of the doll from head to toe. He works closely with doll artists to identify and execute the best hair style and face paint to complement the ensemble.

When the final prototype is established, Robert will share every development detail with the production team. From here, expert sewers hand make each garment before dressing the doll. Each doll’s hair is groomed and styled by hand while every package is hand folded with tissue paper neatly applied, ready for you to enjoy!

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