March 31, 2011

Celebrate Elizabeth Taylor!

Fans worldwide were saddened by the passing of Elizabeth Taylor, one of Hollywood’s brightest stars. Now, fans of the icon are celebrating the life of the legendary actress in a variety of unexpected and fulfilling ways. Barbie collectors were given a special surprise back in 2000, when Elizabeth Taylor consented to three amazing dolls made in her likeness, Father of the Bride, Cleopatra and White Diamonds (named after the actress’s signature fragrance). Thanks to the talented hands of doll artists and fans, Mattel’s superb dolls are capturing her signature looks in many of her greatest films!

Creative collectors remove the dolls from their boxes, then re-wig, redesign and redress them in their own vision. The Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra is a terrific example of a doll with infinite possibilities. First, savvy collectors remove her glittery costume in lieu of something the actress would have worn on her many movie magazine covers. Once Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra has been freed from ancient Egypt, artists cut her stick-straight hair and give her a totally retro brunette bubble cut or pageboy! Many collectors find a perfect fit using the brunette pageboy wig that came with the BFMC Spa Getaway Collection. The dark brown wig is a terrific throwback to the fifties-style haircuts worn by Elizabeth Taylor during that era. You can also achieve the same look with the Father of the Bride or White Diamonds dolls, all it takes is a costume change! Barbie® doll’s vintage wardrobe mirrors the styles of the period with plenty of cinched waists, full-skirts and slinky glamour sheaths for you to choose from.

That’s it! A bit of ingenuity and you’re ready to style one of the Hollywood’s most luminous stars! The design team at Barbie® Collector captured the exquisite beauty of Elizabeth Taylor, down to her legendary violet eyes, and with your fabulous artistry, the Elizabeth Taylor dolls continue to take our breath away!

Chris Varaste

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