February 29, 2012

Classic Elegance: The 2012 Barbie® Fashion Model Collection!

The Barbie® Fashion Model Collection returns to its roots to celebrate Barbie doll’s high-fashion start. Inspired by the French tradition of the atelier, or artist’s workshop, the 2012 collection features exquisite design and detail from principal designer Robert Best. Blacks and whites, neutrals and pale accents speak softly and subtly, yet make a strong statement when combined with dramatic accessories. It’s time for Barbie doll’s high-fashion debut… once again.

To celebrate the launch of the 2012 BFMC®, Barbie has partnered with Studio P.H. 8442 to feature the three new Silkstone® dolls (Party Dress Barbie Doll, Walking Suit Barbie Doll, and the BFC-exclusive Afternoon Suit Barbie Doll) alongside a tightly curated selection of luxury fashion and accessories! Located on Melrose Place in West Hollywood, the studio is inspired by the glamorous dressing rituals of old Hollywood and is the perfect venue to showcase the new “atelier”-themed Barbie Fashion Model Collection.

Robert Best has also art directed a Barbie-sized atelier set exclusively for the space, representing a '50s-style fashion workshop. Robert’s sketches, the prototype dolls, and corresponding photography are thoughtfully sprinkled throughout the glamorous studio. And to take the feeling of fashion whimsy one step further, one wall of the studio has been transformed into Barbie’s life-sized dream closet, filled with some of her most memorable fashion accessories.

The exhibition ends on February 29th, but you can see photos from the space at PH8442.com!

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