July 14, 2014

Come Away and Explore a Faraway Forest

An island made up of many lands—some beautiful, others disquieting, Faraway Forest is home to elves, fairies, and water nymphs. Mortal royalty live here, too, as well as unknown creatures who dwell in deep, blue Crystal Caves. If you are lucky, you will meet them all while you journey with us.

From the Magical Lagoon to the Mystical Meadows and far beyond to the White Woods, Faraway Forest is a mythical, marvelous place. Some distant corners can be dark and treacherous; other spots are beautiful beyond imagination and hold glorious treasures. But little here is as it seems. Not even the winds or the trees or the fragrant flowers are really only what they appear. If you look very deeply, you will be enchanted by the incredible detail and resplendence here. And beneath appearances, there are wishes and secrets and complex alliances.

These tales of this Faraway Forest have long been told by a beguiling elf princess. She has traveled throughout the forests and across the high mountain ranges. She knows the whimsical creatures of the Mystical Meadows and she has enjoyed tea with the Queen of the Dark Forest. The elven princess will share her stories and adventures, introduce you to her most interesting friends, and she may even tell you of the many intrigues of the Faraway Forest.

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