March 17, 2011

Design Dish: Linda Kyaw on Sydney Opera House Barbie®

The Dolls of the World® Landmark Collection celebrates internationally acclaimed landmarks from around the world as only Barbie® can – with a flair for fashion! In 2010, the collection gave us three lovely landmark beauties, Statue of Liberty Barbie® doll, Big Ben Barbie® doll, and Eiffel Tower Barbie® doll, all designed by celebrated Mattel designer Linda Kyaw, who’s known for creating some of the most exotic and breathtaking beauties for the Barbie® Collector line including Barbie® doll as Aphrodite, Barbie® doll as Medusa, and Barbie® doll as Cleopatra.

In 2011, Barbie travels across the world in celebration of another beloved landmark, this time “down under.” Sydney Opera House Barbie® doll is gorgeous, glamorous, and THE gotta-have-it gal of the moment. Wearing a stylish ensemble that combines the overall look of the Sydney Opera House with contemporary runway fashions, Barbie® doll’s bodice mimics the sails of Sydney Opera House, and her luxe, ocean-blue chiffon skirt was inspired by the water surrounding the beloved landmark.

And because she’s such a scene stealer, we went straight to the source (a.k.a. Linda) to get the latest doll dish.

On choosing a landmark:
“The Sydney Opera House was chosen because it is so recognizable and iconic. Once the landmark is chosen, you really don’t need anything other than an open mind and creative intention.”

On the challenges of translating a landmark into a doll:
“The most challenging thing as a designer is to make something that is not meant to be worn – like a landmark - into something that is not only wearable but also beautiful. Being playful with fashion helps me as a designer expand my horizons on what fashion is and what it can be.”

Linda’s fave doll details:
“My two favorite details are the white ‘sails’ on her bodice, and her side swept wavy hair. My intention was to take a historic landmark and make it feel current and modern. I think both of these details accomplish that goal.”

What do you think of Sydney Opera House Barbie®? Post your comments here!

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