January 29, 2014

Designing Barbie Dolls and More in Hot Off the Barbie Press!

Check out the fabtastic interview with Robert Best (plus some gorgeous pics), and a neat piece about the Barbie Digital Mirror, in the latest Hot Off the Barbie Press!

Everything You Wanted To Know About Designing Barbies
Hillary Reinsberg, BuzzFeed.com, 12/24/13
Robert Best, principal designer for Barbie Collector, talks body image, gendered marketing, competition, and how designing for dolls is different. “You don’t have to consider cold weather. Those are not concerns that worry Barbie.”

Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror, The Perfect Blend of Toys N Tech
Dan Nessel, Grand Magazine
The It Gift of the 2013 holiday season gets a thumbs up from the magazine – and the digital version links out to the “Dad Does” review and video.

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