May 14, 2012

Doll Dish Episode #1, Part 1: Behind the Scenes With Robert Best

Bonjour, Doll-istas! Have I got a treat por vous. Oh so recently I had the pleasure of chatting with the one and only Robert Best. He gave me insider access into the fabulous world of the Barbie® Fashion Model Collection. As you know, the collection’s theme for 2012 is “atelier,” and these dolls are dressed to thrill!

If you’d like to unlock Robert’s inspiration for such exquisite creations as Gala Gown Barbie®, Evening Gown Barbie®, Party Dress Barbie®, Walking SuitBarbie®, and Afternoon SuitBarbie® be sure to press PLAY on the podcast button below.

Trust me, our doll dish does NOT disappoint! From dishing on our mutual love for Paris, our obsession with all things fashion, and gabbing about the doll-lightful details that go into each and every BFMC doll, turn up the volume and listen in as Robert and I dish it up.

Which 2012 BFMC doll is YOUR fave? Post a comment below.


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