May 9, 2013

Dreamhouse, Awards, and Construction Sets in Hot Off the Barbie Press

The variety of Barbie experiences is amazing! From life-sized Dreamhouse to build-your-own inspirations and award-winning dolls, here’s your latest update, Hot Off the Barbie Press.

Barbie Dreamhouse Experience is coming to Sawgrass Mills Mall
Tania Cowling, 4/18/13
“Look for all the pink renditions of her Malibu home, equipped with pink elevators, a diamond display and lots of fun rooms…”

Dolls Awards of Excellence 2013 Winners
Dominic Sacco, ToyNews-Online.Biz, 4/17/13
Winners of the 2013 Industry's Choice Dolls Awards of Excellence include Haunted Beauty Ghost Barbie® and the William and Catherine Royal Wedding® Giftset.

Can New Building Toys for Girls Improve Math and Science Skills?
Diana Kapp, Wall Street Journal, 4/16/13
Amid concern among parents and educators about girls' math and engineering skills, a growing number of companies say they have an answer: toys,” including Mega Bloks Barbie Build ‘n Style.

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