February 15, 2013

Exploring the New Barbie Collector Catalog!

By Chris Varaste

Nothing signals the end of winter and the launch of a new season better than a fashion catalog! As a collector, I always look forward to the Barbie® Collector Spring issue, and I was pleasantly surprised this year by an all-new page-turner!

The team at Barbie Collector somehow managed to outdo themselves by introducing a catalog that boasts an impressive balancing act. The new edition is a fantastic two-for-one deal, combining elements of a collector's journal and a fashion magazine — and it definitely packs a sartorial punch!

Filled with gorgeous imagery, cool layouts and hot topic categories (Star Power! Eye Candy! Barbie Buzz!), the 2013 catalog also dispenses useful collector info and Barbie-related trivia. There are endearing reflections on Barbie doll’s legacy as a fashion doll pioneer, accompanied by vintage photos, including one of Mattel co-founder and “Barbie’s mom,” Ruth Handler.

Make sure to check out the sweet tribute to the friendship between Barbie and her BFF Midge® on the eve of their anniversary.. The Barbie/Midge double-page fashion chronology is definitely my favorite highlight. I love the inclusion of their pictorial history because it elevates the catalog to a new level.

The world of Barbie has always encompassed much more than fashion and beauty. This year, the catalog acknowledges the remarkable contributions of Barbie designers, giving the catalog the depth and focus of a collector magazine. Now you can catch up with popular faves like Bob Mackie, Robert Best, and Linda Kyaw, along with the fabulous muses that inform their latest work.

Best of all, with all the dynamic changes, the catalog still works as an easy-to-reference shopper’s guide. As far as collectibles go, this one’s a keeper!

Take a look at the exclusive new Barbie Collector Catalog and let us know what you like best about it!


Chris Varaste started out at ABC-TV, producing segments for the Emmys, Tonys & Grammys. A fascination with fashion and pop culture led to his first published book, Barbie: Face of the American Dream – and an appreciation for all things Barbie! His insights on collectibles/brand success have been published in the New York Times, The Economist, and Spotlight Cinema Networks.

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