March 3, 2014

Fiorella Barbie® Doll - Molto Bellissima!

A shimmering moon rises over an Italian seaside village, where revelers gather to celebrate a springtime wedding. Gorgeous, mysterious Fiorella slips away from the crowd for a moment alone. As she strolls through the charming cobblestone streets, she reflects on the newlywed couple, and Fiorella wonders if she’ll ever find true love again. Perhaps tonight at the banquet?

The setting is worthy of a classic romance from the Italian film renaissance — a stunning heroine lighting up the screen with her palpable longing. In fact, while designing Fiorella Barbie® Doll, Robert Best drew inspiration from some of Italy’s most acclaimed movies and actresses. “Of course, La Dolce Vita by Fellini,” Best says. “Also, Il Gattopardo, which is this beautiful historical film by Luchino Visconti with Claudia Cardinale, a very glamorous Italian movie star. Monica Vitti and Sophia Loren also came to mind.”

With a nod to these timeless screen goddesses, Fiorella wears an elegant ensemble that captures the glamour of European couture. “Fiorella is the ingénue of her own black-and-white film,” Best says, “so the color palette is primarily black, but rich with details like the baroque rose print.” This brilliant pink-and-red floral design blooms across the doll’s chic satin dress, which features puff sleeves, sweet ruffles, and sheer organza panels for a touch of cinematic intrigue.

Delizioso accessories — including knee-high stockings, fingerless gloves, a black vinyl belt, and whimsical hair bows — help make this outfit a stunner, while delicately carved roses on her satin-ribbon choker complete the floral motif.

The first doll in the 2014 Barbie Fashion Model Collection, Fiorella Barbie® Doll represents a bit of a departure from the past two years. Best was excited to finally pay homage to a country that not only has a rich fashion heritage but also resonates with him on a personal level. “Italy has produced many remarkable fashion houses and remains a major player on the international scene,” he says. “I have a special love of Italy as well, so I am very happy that we have done our own BFMC tribute to one of my favorite travel destinations.”

You too can rendezvous by the Italian Riviera with Fiorella Barbie® Doll, available now at our online shop. This irresistible beauty, like Italy herself, is the exquisite embodiment of art, fashion, and romance — especially, a second chance at amore!

What do you think of Fiorella and the romantic heritage of Italy? Is love in the stars?

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