May 5, 2014

Game On, Barbie® Scores in Britto!

When Neo-Pop Art superstar Romero Britto designs for Barbie, even a soccer ball turns into a fashion statement! Barbie is a perfect muse for the Brazilian sensation, whose beautiful portrait of Barbie served as an inspiration for this special edition doll.

Britto is an artist who excels at transforming the world into a joyous vision with a palette of bright, brilliant colors and graphics. His unique style symbolizes the power of positive thinking. Like Barbie, he believes you can achieve your goals and win at the game of life. Suns, moons, hearts and flowers happily abound in his work, and he brings the same dynamic pop sensibility to the world of Barbie.

Britto's design for Barbie celebrates two things dear to his heart — Brazil and soccer. The artist starts with a classic dress crisscrossed at the waist with black vinyl straps and turns it into a geometric maze. With a network of stars, stripes, and Brazil emblazoned in graffiti, the dress takes on a vibrant quality that makes it look electric and alive. He tosses a soccer ball into this cubist universe and scores — the result is virtually a painting in motion!

Straight swingy hair the shade of platinum is the only way to go when you're wearing Britto! Barbie doll's hair is swept to the side in a sleek and stylish cut. She sports bright cherry red lips and the subtlest shade of smoky eye shadow. Her eyes are vividly outlined in black – evocative of the netting on the shoulders of her dress.

Britto kicks off the premium look with athletic knee socks, bouncy shoes and a pair of retro white sunglasses. She’s fresh. She's a champ. She's Barbie by Britto — a super-collectible work of art!

Romero Britto and Barbie are international treasures, cherished around the world as symbols of happiness. Now, the joy is yours to bring home when you order from our online store!

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