June 1, 2011

Goddess of the Galaxy Barbie® Doll

Call her "out of this world," a "supernova of style," even a "glamtastic vision of futuristic fashion!" She's the Goddess of the Galaxy Barbie® Doll, and before she begins her fabulous reign on planet Earth, designer Bill Greening took a few moments to talk about this sci-fi-inspired sensation.

Where did you get your inspiration for Goddess of the Galaxy?
We're big fans of sci-fi in our house. I'm also a kid of the 1970s, so sci-fi was really influential in my childhood - in TV, movies, comics, toys, etc. I also think there's a lot of fashion glamour in sci-fi. I've seen a lot of pop stars tapping into this theme lately.

What are your 2-3 favorite details about the production doll?
I love all the silver "body armor," so to speak. I think that really sets the tone. I think her makeup is really cool. It’s unusual, as it should be for a girl that's out of this world. And of course I have to say her boots. It seems every Barbie collector has a fascination with Barbie footwear.

You tend to be aligned with vintage repros in the minds of many collectors, so Goddess of the Galaxy may surprise some people. How do you feel this doll reflects your own design range and sensibility?
I think the repros are just part of my portfolio. I really enjoy working on them. But every designer is most excited when the original design is theirs. I've wanted to do a sci-fi doll for a long time. And the time felt right in regard to theme and what's going on in pop culture. I'm really glad I got to go for it and showcase a different side of myself. It’s good to keep people guessing.

Read more about this interplanetary icon's outfit in the online shop. This Direct Exclusive doll may be from outer space, but she belongs at your place, so pick her up as soon as she comes into orbit!

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