May 15, 2014

Celebrate the 75th Anniversary of GONE WITH THE WIND with Stunning New Dolls

Gone With the Wind, the enduring story of passion, struggle and resilience, celebrates its 75th anniversary this year! Presented in epic scale, it remains one of the most acclaimed achievements of the American cinema, and one of the greatest love stories ever told. Barbie® Collector is thrilled to honor this landmark occasion with three new Gone With the Wind dolls!

This sweeping historical romance takes place in the 19th century American South, against the backdrop of the Civil War and the early days of Reconstruction. With themes including love of home and love of country, the historical events are integral to the story and they capture our imagination. But it’s the film’s passion and the love between the two main characters that capture our hearts.

We are captivated by the tale of SCARLETT O’HARA, who grows from a spoiled, self-centered girl of sixteen into a confident woman, a lover, a mother, a widow, and to the end, a survivor.

Like many of the best characters in fiction, Scarlett is not perfect. In fact, sometimes she is not very likable. But she is always human, and it’s her very real struggle against the world, and against her own nature that draws us to her, and keeps us rooting for her, even when we dislike her actions.

Of course, every great heroine needs a hero, and Scarlett more than meets her match in the handsome RHETT BUTLER. Rhett sees the real Scarlett, and although he refuses to put up with her scheming ways for years, he ultimately gives in to his deep love for her. Sadly, the relationship ultimately ends in one of the most passionate, heart-wrenching breakup scenes ever put on screen.

In celebration of the 75th anniversary of Gone With the Wind, three new dolls pay homage to these passionate lovers at the heart of the story. First, from the Black Label® collection is the Gone With the Wind SCARLETT O'HARA Doll. This stunning portrait doll, sculpted in the likeness of Vivien Leigh, is a re-creation of the scandalous red dress Scarlett wears to ASHLEY WILKES’ birthday party. It features dramatic layers of sheer tulle, jeweled trim, and feathers. Drop earring and classic red lips provide the perfect finishing touches.

Also from the Black Label® Collection is the Gone With the Wind RHETT BUTLER Doll, sculpted in the likeness of Clark Gable. Scarlett’s paramour wears the suit featured in the fateful scene at Twelve Oaks, where the two first meet. Rhett is dashingly handsome in his double-breasted pinstripe vest, tailored jacket, and dotted cravat.

Finally, from the Gold Label® Collection, is the exquisite Gone With the Wind SCARLETT O'HARA Doll in the iconic white ruffle dress from the opening scene. Featuring six cascading tiered ruffles edged in lace, this magnificent dress is trimmed with lace detail and features tiny white buttons, a red belt, and a delicate cameo.

Celebrate the 75th anniversary of Gone With the Wind with the two characters at the heart of this acclaimed film. Yes, tomorrow is another day, but order from our online store now, before these spectacular dolls are gone… swept away with the wind…

GONE WITH THE WIND, its characters and elements are trademarks of Turner Entertainment Co. & The Stephens Mitchell Trusts. © Turner Entertainment Co.

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