April 13, 2012

Happy Hunger Games! Katniss Doll Arrives at Barbie® Collector

She’s the “tribute” from District 12, who becomes something much more to the people who struggle to live in the ruins of what was once North America. 16-year-old Katniss Everdeen volunteers to replace her younger sister in the annual Hunger Games, joining a fight for survival bigger than anything she’d ever imagined!   

When the time came for Mattel to re-create Katniss Everdeen’s transition from bestselling book to blockbuster movie, designer (and Hunger Games fan!) Bill Greening took up the challenge. “With a doll like the Hunger Games Katniss Doll, it was exciting to get a sneak peek of the movie and work with people involved with the film,” Bill says. We caught up with him as the doll, now available for pre-sale, made a splash debut on Entertainment Weekly’s website last week.

What was your relationship to The Hunger Games prior to getting the call to design the Black Label® collector doll? Were you already a fan?

“Yes! I've read all three of the Hunger Games books. I was excited to see the movie, and work on the Katniss doll.”

How did you re-create the look? Was it just from photos, or did you have access to costumes, too?

“Lionsgate sent the actual costumes Katiniss wore in the Games to use for reference in designing the doll.” 

Sometimes, but not always, dolls from Barbie® Collector feature removable fashions and accessories. In Katniss’ case, are her clothes and accessories removable?


What are the bow and arrows made of?

“The bow is plastic and string, and the arrows are plastic.”

What do you like best about designing from people and costumes that exist in real life, like the Hunger Games Katniss Doll?

“It really makes you feel connected to the excitement of the Hunger Games and know you played a part in creating something so closely linked to the movie. I hope fans of the books and movie really appreciate the detail that went into the Katniss doll, and that she becomes their favorite Hunger Games collectible.”

After a record-setting opening and continued strong performances at the box office, The Hunger Games is poised to become one of the most successful film franchises in history! So it’s no surprise that news of an adult collector doll based on the Katniss Everdeen character is generating such excitement with the media and fans. Place your pre-order today, and may the odds of bringing her home soon be ever in your favor!

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