September 24, 2012

Haunted Beauty Ghost Barbie® Doll is a Vision in White

There is a type of beauty that once viewed cannot be forgotten. It’s so striking that it refuses to fade from memory, but appears again and again, unbidden, in dreams and in unexpected moments. Such is the vision of Haunted Beauty Ghost Barbie® Doll from Bill Greening, and she is beyond the power of any mortal to resist.

Arriving in October in time for All Hallows’ Eve, the first doll in the Haunted Beauty series stands with arms outstretched. She appears to welcome, or perhaps to beckon. It is easy to be drawn in by those deep, blue eyes that seem to say, “Come, join me …” You find yourself captivated, drawn to the cool hue of her lips and the long platinum hair cascading down her back, pale and shining, as if lit by the glow from another dimension.

It is wise to resist being completely swept into her spell, and pause to notice the details. Her ethereal, off-white gown features a fitted bodice, bell sleeves, and a full skirt that floats gently down to the ground, where a slightly tattered hem suggests a long journey, still in progress. Silvery chains encircle her wrists and waist. Questions begin to form, but she offers no answers.

Gazing at the intensity of her expression, it becomes clear that her world exists outside the boundaries of the physical realm. You realize that she is searching for something, or someone, and you want to know her story. She has entered your thoughts, where she will linger, until the day she completes her quest… or until you discover the secrets only she can reveal.

Make sure you answer the call of this direct exclusive. Capture this ethereal beauty when Haunted Beauty Ghost Barbie® Doll appears in the online shop!

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