December 14, 2011

Hot Off the Barbie® Press #43

Check out the latest and greatest Barbie features from TV and newspapers, with a holiday twist this time around!

Barbie Featured in E! News Holiday Gift Guide
During a holiday gift guide segment on Friday Dec. 9th, host Guliana Rancic featured her holiday gift picks, including Barbie Designable Hair Extensions.

Wall Street Journal: "Search Is On for Hot Stuff"
This December 8th article features an image of Architect Barbie on the cover of the Journal’s Marketplace section, noting that “Barbie remains a perennial favorite” among gift givers.

New York Times: Putting Technology to Work for Play
Sweet Talking Ken and Barbie Designable Hair Extensions were featured online on December 6th and the print edition on December 7th. Ken in particular got props for providing a "hilarious open-ended play experience."

"Pillow Talk" on Good Morning America 
Good Morning America hosts Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos highlighted the Barbie Collector Pillow Talk(TM) Giftset with Rock Hudson and Doris Day dolls, in the teaser opening for an in-studio interview with Doris herself. She just came out with a new CD entitled "My Heart" - her first release in 17 years!

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