December 21, 2011

Hot Off the Barbie® Press #44

Get the latest and greatest coverage of all things Barbie®, straight from her glamtastic headquarters!

Barbie Wins Contest for No. 1 Holiday Import, 12/13/11
She looks great for fifty-two. She also has a sweet boyfriend, an hourglass figure, a positive attitude, and a penchant for pink. And she’s so popular that for the second year in a row, Barbie is once again the top holiday import to the U.S.! Catch the details in this Business Week report.
Hey Dolls! Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj Barbies Auctioned for Charity, 12/7/11
OK, so you can’t win a cupcake-covered Katy Perry or wig-wearing Nicki Minaj to have in your home, but you can nab miniature versions of the superstars in a new auction, which ran through Monday, Dec. 19. People covered Mattel's annual contribution to the Project Angel Food fundraiser, and featured two of the high-profile auction items.
Mattel Releases A New Grace Kelly Barbie Doll!, 12/9/11
Fashion mag favorite InStyle covered the release of the final doll in the Grace Kelly Collection for 2011, Rear Window(TM) Grace Kelly Doll. Thanks to Susannah Edelbaum and the rest of the InStyle peeps for featuring her and the rest of the collection!

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