February 24, 2012

Hot Off the Barbie Press #48

The latest and greatest on the excitement surrounding the William and Catherine Royal Wedding Giftset, straight from Barbie headquarters! When the news broke about the royal couple arriving in the Barbie Collector shop, reporters took to the airwaves to share the details. In case you missed either of these announcements, you can watch them both here. Enjoy the shows!

What’s Trending Today
TODAY Show, 2/16/12
The Barbie Collector William and Catherine Royal Wedding Giftset was featured in the segment “What’s Trending Today.” Doll images were shown on-screen, driving traffic straight to BarbieCollector.com.

William and Catherine Giftset
CNN Headline News, 2/16/12
The giftset was announced via photo release and generated a huge amount of cultural noise after the announcement, including this piece on CNN Headline News - the source of must-see, must-share stories of the day.

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