April 5, 2012

Hot Off the Barbie Press #51

It's the latest and greatest news about Barbie, shared with you straight from Barbie headquarters. This week, we're highlighting Barbie's tie to the hottest movie of the year to date, and a news feature with three "dancing" sensations!

"Hunger Games" heroine Katniss gets Barbie doll
Jill Serjeant, Reuters.com – 3/20/12
The feisty teen rebel at the center of "The Hunger Games" young adult book series and movie has inspired a doll for the Barbie Collector line. The Katniss doll is aimed at adult collectors and will be available for sale on BarbieCollector.com and at other retail outlets.

Dancing With the Stars Debut (and Dolls!)
ABC (San Francisco, CA) - 3/20/12
The 7 Live broadcast — it's "TV with attitude," as they like to say — showcased the full collection of the Barbie Collector Dancing with the Stars dolls on-air. The hosts played with two of the dolls, and one of the anchors noted her daughters would love these dolls and that she “absolutely loved” them too.

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