May 4, 2012

Hot Off the Barbie Press #54

Get a peek at the latest and greatest news tidbits, straight from Barbie Headquarters. This week, a number of dolls get featured in a popular magazine, and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge appear on a national news program!

“Celeb Barbies”
Us Weekly, 4/20/12

The fabulous newsstand staple featured four Barbie Collector dolls – Hunger Games Katniss, Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 Edward and Bella, the OOAK Nicki Minaj created for the Project Angel Food/Charity Buzz auction in 2011, and the William and Catherine Royal Wedding® Giftset with a caption saying, “Life in plastic is fantastic for these guys and dolls.”

Limited Edition Royal Dolls
TODAY Show, 4/24/12

The dolls were featured on Early TODAY in the Business segment. Host Lynn Berry’s opening: “In honor of Prince William and Duchess Kate’s first royal wedding anniversary this month, a commemorative set of dolls from Barbie maker Mattel is hitting store shelves.”

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