August 20, 2012

Blonds, Tim Gunn, University Barbie Dolls Featured in Hot Off the Barbie Press

New Fall dolls don’t just capture the attention of collectors. Fashion blogs, entertainment hubs, and mainstream media all found something to love – get a taste in the latest installment of Hot Off the Barbie Press!

Boonanas Designers the Blonds Chat With Us About Their Glitzy New Barbie Doll
Abby Schreiber,, 8/2/12
“Inspired by the finale look from their ‘Legends’ collection, The Blonds might have created the most glamorous doll yet. (And that includes Princess Barbie. Yes, we said it.)”

Tim Gunn & Barbie Make A Beautiful Pair!, 8/8/12
“Barbie has never looked so good! Tim Gunn, of Project Runway fame, has just designed two dolls for the Barbie Styled By Tim Gunn Pink Label Collection, and they’re faboosh!”

Project Runway’s Tim Gunn Gives Barbie’s Wardrobe a Make Over  
Amber Doty,, 7/29/12
“Gunn recently styled two dolls for the Barbie Collector series and suddenly my 3-year-old daughter is an excellent excuse for why I need to own these.”

Alabama, Auburn Among Schools Represented in University Barbie Line
Natalie Wade,, 7/2/12
“As if three consecutive BCS National Championships weren't enough, now Alabama and Auburn will get to compete for little girls' love everywhere.”

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