October 1, 2012

Fashion Week, Pink Diamond Barbie Doll, and Tim Gunn Wrap Up This Week’s Hot Off the Barbie Press

From one-of-a-kind dream designs to the basics every woman should wear, Barbie doll has had a heck of a fashion ride these past few weeks. See what she’s been up to with world-renowned designers in this week’s Hot Off the Barbie Press!

All Dolled Up
Michelle Ruiz, The Daily, 9/9/12
There’s always an It Girl at New York Fashion Week, and this season it’s a 53-year-old blonde who’s eternally comfy in high heels: Barbie. “She’s the ultimate client,” Phillipe and David Blond, the design duo behind glitter-encrusted line The Blonds, said of the iconic doll.

Designers Auction $15,000 Pink Diamond Barbie
Lauren Torrisi, ABC News, 9/21/12
Celebrity fashion designers Phillipe and David Blond have shrunken their clothing for a much smaller client: Barbie. Known for their fun and glamorous approach to fashion, the team, known as The Blonds, has given Barbie doll a pink diamond touch you won’t see in toy stores.

Barbie Styled by Tim Gunn on The Talk
The Talk, 9/14/12
Tim Gunn was recently a guest on The Talk, during which the Barbie® Styled by Tim Gunn dolls were given away to the audience, as well as online. In the linked video, he talks about his new book, Tim Gunn’s Fashion Bible, and three of the show’s co-hosts model looks that Tim says should be in every woman’s wardrobe.

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