February 28, 2011

Hot Off The Barbie® Press No. 11

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This Architect's a Real Doll
Barbie has always had a dream house, but she's never been able to design one of her own ... until now. Love it or hate it, Mattel's latest addition to their Barbie I Can Be line of dolls is Barbie Architect, complete with a blueprint holder (in pink), hardhat, and black glasses perched jauntily on top of her head.

At 50, Ken Is Sexy Again — And Back With Barbie
Suddenly, Ken Carson is the comeback kid. He's been everywhere lately. Aside from a role the Oscar nominated Toy Story 3, Barbie's other half has resurfaced with a brand-new digital presence, his own reality competition show and a very public campaign to win back the (plastic) girl of his dreams.

New York Fashion Week: A yen for Ken, a beau for Barbie
When it comes to a focus on fashion, Ken often gets the short end of the style stick. While Barbie has been lavished with a Malibu dream house, a Corvette and designer outfits by the likes of Giorgio Armani and Bob Mackie, Kenny C (his last name is Carson, just so you know) has had to suffer through unfortunate wardrobe choices that have included mesh T-shirts, cargo shorts and a pink tuxedo.

Genuine Ken: Whitney Port Interview
The current print edition features an interview with Whitney Port discussing the Genuine Ken digital series. When asked to describe her ideal boyfriend, Port said “Someone who is respectful and honest, a good listener and confident – like Ken!”

Ken, Barbie's beleaguered boyfriend, turns 50 years old
Ken is about to turn 50. His gleaming pectorals are still tan and butter-smooth. A fleshy patch endures where his man parts should be, covered now by faux underwear. And he still spends his time chasing a salty blond vixen.

Mini Milestones
The March 11th issue of Us Weekly features Barbie and Ken’s birthdays in “The Record” section, under the heading “Mini Milestones” and noted they reunited after seven years apart.

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