March 8, 2011

Hot Off The Barbie® Press No. 12

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Tonight Show Monologue
During the Tonight Show with Jay Leno's opening monologue, Leno noted Ken’s upcoming 50th birthday, adding in his own humorous comments.

Ken Wants Barbie Back
Ken and Barbie broke up in 2004, but fans can vote on whether they should get back together at!

Trivia – 18 things you might not have known about Ken doll
1. Mattel says Ken’s birthday is March 11, but many collectors insist it is actually March 13. “Yeah, back in 1961 Ken was presented at the Toy Fair on Monday, March 13,’ said Jef Beck, author of “I Love Ken: My Life as the Ultimate Boyfriend.” But today that date would fall on a Sunday, so Mattel just moved it a little to Friday, March 11th.”

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