May 10, 2011

Hot Off The Barbie® Press No. 19

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How Barbie & Ken Were Reunited by Social Media
In celebration of Ken’s 50th anniversary and just in time for the Valentine’s Day release of its Sweet Talkin’ Ken doll, Mattel launched a grandiose marketing campaign to reunite its iconic doll couple, Barbie and Ken. We spoke with Lauren Bruksch, director of Barbie marketing at Mattel, to get the inside scoop on the success of the campaign’s social media components.

How To Dress Like Architect Barbie, And Sing Like Her Too
She's the best dressed power dresser around - Architect Barbie - the 2011 Career Barbie of the Year. To get the look don a Fall 2011 Matthew Williamson party dress; Fall 2011 Diane von Furstenberg toe-tapping boots, Tom Ford eyewear and remember, safety doesn't come first in this case. If the hard hat is compromising your manicure, enlist the aid of a gentleman friend.

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