August 30, 2011

Hot Off The Barbie® Press No. 29

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Architect Barbie finally gets dream house
Whatever else you may think of Barbie, you have to admit the little doll lives large: the endless clothes, constant parties, the oceanfront dream home in Malibu. Don't forget the pet giraffe.

Barbie turns Faith Hill and Tim McGraw into dolls 
This October, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw will celebrate their 15th wedding anniversary. What’s one way to celebrate that milestone? By releasing the powerhouse country duo as dolls, of course — which is what Mattel is doing. EW has the exclusive first look at the pair of new Barbies — known as the Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Doll Gift Set — which officially become available in September for $69.99 at 

Hey, Doll: Faith Hill and Tim McGraw Get Their Own Barbies
Forget wax! When Tim McGraw and Faith Hill were recently immortalized as figurines, they went the plastic route, lending their likenesses to a new set of Barbie dolls. 

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