September 13, 2011

Hot Off The Barbie® Press No. 31

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Barbie Doll Tips Her Fedora to Sinatra
Speaking of classic crooners, Barbie has taken a nod from Ol’ Blue Eyes himself. Sinatra Barbie, clad in a tailored houndstooth-printed suit and Frank-inspired fedora, pays tribute to the iconic singer’s style and is the result of a collaboration between Mattel and Frank Sinatra Enterprises.

Hop on the Barbie Bus for Fashion’s Night Out Fun
When we were younger we always fantasized about driving Barbie’s pink corvette or atleast hitching a ride with the doll. And while that never quite materialized, come Fashion’s Night Out Barbie will be transporting girls of all ages around the city. 

Architect Barbie's new digs green all the way
What little girl hasn't dreamed of living like Barbie? The clothes, the professions, the cars -- THE DREAM HOUSE. The American Institute of Architects recently held a competition to design a Dream House for Mattel's newest addition to the line, Architect Barbie. 

Happy Labor Day Weekend from Barbie - A look at Barbie doll's careers
The first Monday in September is set aside as a special holiday from work and has become the annual United States federal holiday we fondly call Labor Day. Who needs to celebrate Labor Day more than Barbie? Barbie has had more careers than anyone else in the known universe!

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