October 27, 2011

Hot Off The Barbie® Press No. 36

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Today's Professionals

The TODAY show featured the tokidoki Barbie doll controversy as a “hot topic” during the Today’s Professionals segment because of the Collector doll’s tattoos. While panelist Starr Jones pointed out that the doll was “obviously for collectors,” the other two panelists questioned whether it was actually a “Mattel Barbie.”
Editorial Comments: The Tokidoki Barbie doll is a part of the Barbie Collector segment and has been created for the adult collector. PR is managing requests and providing approved messaging / statements as needed. Recent national segments and coverage for this doll has included a segment on ABC - Good Morning America , CNN – CNN Newsroom , and Fox and Friends.

Will Architect Barbie solve architecture’s gender problem?  

Finally, this year the famed toy company and the American Institute of Architects unveiled Architect Barbie at the AIA’s annual meeting in New Orleans. So will the doll (action figure?) help to inspire a new generation of girls to become architects?

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