November 7, 2012

Hot Off the Barbie Press – Presidential Election Edition

Welcome to a special presidential election edition of Hot Off the Barbie® Press! She’s tanned, tireless, and endorsed by The White House Project…she’s Barbie® I Can Be... President B Party Doll, and she’s featured in some great recent write-ups. Check them out!

Road to White House Goes Through Toy Box
Katie McLaughlin, CNN, 10/25/12
“It's been 20 years and five campaigns for Barbie, who has been the B Party candidate since 1992…”

Barbie for President! And 25 More of Her Incredible Careers
Carolyn Castiglia,, 10/23/12
“In spite of the fact that I have tried each time to put her to bed before they’ve started,” Carolyn begins, “my 7-year-old daughter has watched all three Presidential debates with me this election season….”

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