February 4, 2013

Hot Off the Barbie Press, Featuring Tim Gunn and The Coveteur!

Welcome to a New Year of Hot Off the Barbie Press! Tim Gunn and Barbie as an ‘influential icon” made the highlight reel in this edition…read on for links to photos and video!

Tim Gunn Guest Appearance
Rachael Ray Show, 1/24/13
During Rachael’s interview with Tim Gunn, Rachael brought up the subject of the Tim Gunn Collection for Barbie®. Tim noted the dolls feature the “10 essential items” that “every woman needs” and commented that he is “really the luckiest guy” for getting to design them.

Today’s Tastemakers and Influential Icons
TheCoveteur.com, 1/23/13
Mattel HQ in El Segundo, California can only be described as a microcosm, and it’s one where Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory easily rubs shoulders with the C.I.A. … [with TONS of pics!]

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