February 19, 2013

Hot Off the Barbie Press: Barbie Digital Fashion Hits at New York Toy Fair!

New York Toy Fair dominated the headlines earlier this month, and two of the big attention getters this year were the Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror and the Barbie Digital Dress Doll! We’ve got stories, pictures and video of them both here in a special edition of Hot Off the Barbie Press.

Barbie is on tech/fashion trend with LED dress
Simon Crisp, GizMag.com, 2/11/13

The tech side of Toy Fair 2013 (pictures)
CNET.com, 2/11/13

Barbie Digital Mirror Lets Kids Try on Makeup Using Augmented Reality
Andrea Smith, Mashable.com. 2/11/13

Fairest Tech Toy of Them All?
Jennifer Jolly, USA Today, 2/12/13

Barbie hits the club with digital dress
Hunter Skipworth, Pocket-Lint.com, 2/11/13

Barbie Does Her Best Imitation of Carrie Underwood with Barbie Digital Dress Doll (with photos, video)
Ali Heriyanto, ChipChick.com, 2/11/13

The Coolest Tech From Toy Fair Is From Barbie??? Meet The Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror
DadDoes.com, 2/11/13

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