September 6, 2011

Inspired Outfits, Courtesy of the Internet

By Tara Zucker

Where do you get inspiration for your personal style? Do you easily come up with outfits, or do you need a little help?

I do not trust my own judgment when it comes to fashion. For years my wardrobe consisted mainly of black shirts, black pants, and black shoes. And I still sometimes got it wrong.

But I have a new weapon to fight my lack of innate style. I have discovered the world of fashion blogs!

I'm not talking about sites like The Sartorialist, which features impossibly chic and trendy outfits. The typical ensemble might be a couture cocktail dress worn with bowling shoes, a combination I have yet to master. (Here's a handy guide for getting your picture taken by The Sart.)

This is why I heart fashion blogs. There are sites that offer inspiration for just about anyone: petites; girls with curves; women over 40; women over 70; women who thrift; women who like the classics. There are sites that want me to know I'm Already Pretty, and sites that teach me style from the Inside Out.

I also love sites like You Look Fab, where real women post photos of their everyday outfits and get advice from others. Sometimes they even have fun with fashion, as in a recent string of posts where a group of women showed outfits inspired by great works of art, including Klimt's Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer.

Talk about a trend! Do you know who else was inspired by this very same painting? Barbie® Doll! (Read about the entire new Museum Collection here.) While Barbie doll's outfit beautifully echoes all the different details of Klimt's masterpiece, the women on the site were each inspired in a different way. The dress in Outfit #1 features a print influenced by the mosaic in the painting, while the skirt in Outfit #2 captures the golden colors, and Outfit #3 uses a simple scarf and belt to incorporate elements of the painting in a very subtle way.

So take a look at some fashion blogs — you may get the inspiration for your next outfit from a stranger, or maybe even Barbie herself. Now where did I put my bowling shoes?

Tara Zucker's humor about collectibles, fashion, and home decor have been featured on a variety of online portals. She also creates content for clients ranging from rock bands to authors at Post Haste Media. "Growing up, I always had some off-brand fashion doll. Now that I write about the real thing, I've proved it's never too late to have a happy childhood!"

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