February 16, 2012

Introducing: Let’s Play Barbie Dolls!

One doll + four fashions for one price!

Remember the days when you and your BFF played hours on end with your Barbie® dolls? It’s time to play again with this collection inspired by vintage Barbie from 1959 to 1964…

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Let's Play Barbie doll: One doll plus four fashions for one retail price of $175.00
(plus shipping and handling).

Your doll choice comes in early 60s inspired repro packaging, with a vintage repro doll stand, wearing a classic red tank swimsuit, accentuated with a chic ponytail hairstyle, faux pearl earrings and sunglasses.

To get started with Let's Play Barbie, here's all you have to do:
• Choose your favorite hair color! Blonde, brunette, or redhead — one doll per set
• Order today, and the first fashion (Garden Party) ships with your doll!
• The other three fashions arrive at your door quarterly — at no additional shipping cost

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Please note: Only one (1) doll comes with each Let's Play Barbie set. Limit 2 blonde dolls, 2 brunette dolls and 2 redhead dolls PER ORDER.

Each doll is subject to limited availability, so get yours now!

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