November 15, 2013

Jennifer Lopez, Superstar Siren!

By Chris Varaste

If I had to pick one personality who consistently sparkles on the red carpet, it would be Jennifer Lopez!








Befitting Hollywood royalty, J.Lo reigns supreme when she makes a dazzling entrance in one of her signature looks — a form-flattering mermaid gown complemented by her brunette locks, styled in an elegant chignon.

Classic glam and trendsetting fashion personified, the famous J.Lo style is now recreated for the regal Jennifer Lopez Red Carpet Doll, based on an actual gown by designer Zuhair Murad.

Murad’s romantic style favors J.Lo’s feminine curves with a plunging neckline and flared floor-length gown featuring strategically placed white-and-nude stripes — perfect for a modern-day goddess!

In the midst of a bevy of beauties parading down the red carpet in designer originals, my attention is always drawn to J.Lo. With an intuitive knack for picking the perfect combination of hair and make-up styles and glittering accessories, the superstar knows how to enhance a sensational ensemble.

Style watchers often agree that her fashion aesthetic is electrifying due to her exquisite taste. That’s why I'm never surprised when she tops the industry’s best-dressed lists.

Granted, Ms. Lopez is a multitalented pro, known for her outstanding achievements as a performer, but in the world of couture, she’s a fashionista’s dream come true.

Whether she's attending media award shows or performing on stage, J.Lo always makes an indelible impression because of her fashion choices, leaving her audience spellbound.

When she’s not a red-carpet doyenne, J.Lo delivers show-stopping verve for her musical performances, enhanced by costumes that flatter her lovely hourglass figure.

Having seen her elaborate song-and-dance routines, I love the Jennifer Lopez World Tour® Doll, based on another exquisite Zuhair Murad original. The body-hugging catsuit, lined with shimmering crystals, is the perfect costume to rouse her fans worldwide — J.Lo is now ready to get her groove on!

Kudos to Jennifer Lopez for maintaining her A-list status as a style icon — clearly, she’s an expert when it comes to absolute fashion perfection!

OK, diva fans, which J.Lo fashion is your absolute fave? Tell us in the comments after you watch these two videos, where J.Lo talks about designing the dolls and how Barbie inspired her world-spanning success!


Chris Varaste started out at ABC-TV, producing segments for the Emmys, Tonys & Grammys. A fascination with fashion and pop culture led to his first published book, Barbie: Face of the American Dream – and an appreciation for all things Barbie! His insights on collectibles/brand success have been published in the New York Times, The Economist, and Spotlight Cinema Networks.

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