September 20, 2011

The Ken and Barbie Wedding Photo Sensation!

by Allen Voivod

Earlier this year, Ken and Barbie reunited after months of wooing, wowing, and entertaining millions who watched the “Will she or won’t she take him back?” spectacle play out on websites, billboards, even cupcakes!

This summer, a professional photographer in France asked herself what a Barbie and Ken wedding would look like… and then decided to set it up herself. Béatrice de Guigné — who describes herself as “laughing all the time,” “passionate,” and “chocolate and shoes addicted, LOL!” — planned the shoot for weeks, then took three days in July to make her vision a reality.

Béatrice graciously took a few moments out of her schedule this past weekend to answer a few questions for the Barbie Collector community…

You've created a wonderfully elaborate photo shoot. Was this all done by yourself, or did you have help in the process?
I've done everything myself. Bought all the accessories, prepared the photo shoot, photographed the dolls and edited the photos.

Where were the photos actually taken?
I've taken the photos in my studio and in my garden for the ceremony and portraits shots.

Did you construct sets with special lighting, et cetera, or were the photos taken in their natural element (as, say, a real-life wedding would be)?
I used different lights. I really wanted to photograph them the same as I do during real-life weddings. So it was natural lights when Barbie and Ken got ready. A simple window lights the room.

I especially love the Barbie bridal portraits. The ceremony and their portraits were also taken under a natural light.

Then I closed my window to be in the dark, and I used my studio's lights with color filters for the dancing shots.

Your Barbie photography started last year with boudoir photos, and the wedding shoot is your latest Barbie photo adventure. Do you have ideas for what you might do next?
Yes, of course! Barbie is my test ideas model so I will certainly do some other shooting with her. The next project is a Trash The Dress [photo shoot], with Ken of course. I'm leaving in one hour for the beach, so it will arrive soon!

What has the response to the wedding photos been like so far? Has it been a boost for your "real-life" photography business?
It’s just crazy! I’ve received hundred of emails and comments from all around the world: French, English, American, Italian, Spanish, Asian, Russian people! Everybody has a very positive reaction! And yes, thanks to this photoshoot I’ve received requests for international weddings.

Check out the entire wedding album on Béatrice’s blog!

Barbie Fan Club members, click here for more with Béatrice.

Allen Voivod serves Barbie enthusiasts around the world as Managing Editor for Barbie Collector News, and Community Manager for @BarbieCollector on Twitter. Part of the BC team since 2003, Allen is also co-owner of Epiphanies, Inc., where he thrives as a biz storyteller, social media speaker, and event leader with his wife Lani, a former content strategist for A love of Barbie runs in the family!

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